• Cladding & Insulation

    Made of high tensile Zincalume/PPGI metal cladding provide longer lifetime. Dropped ceilings allow a great volume of air space between the roof and ceiling. This ventilated air space provides additional thermal resistance. The use of fibre glass wool has proven effective in poultry houses.

  • Structural System

    Cold-rolled section fabricated in pre-fabricated truss. Lightweight, suitable for normal compacted soil and typical joints using screw fastening method, no need of cutting or painting. Lower overall building weight resulting in foundation cost savings.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Made from 100% Galvanized steel without welding and painting. Galvanized Iron section are corrosion resistant and dimensionally stable, no warp, split, rot, settle or attract termites. It can provide the maximum protection.

  • PVC Coated Bird Wire Netting

    Reduce the risk of corrosion and last longer.

  • High-Tensile Interlocked Boxed Section

    Interlocked boxed section extremely light but strong due to high tensile strength of 550 Mpa. Multiple product dimensions and thickness of section profiles gives the builder greater flexibility in determining cost-effective framing solutions.

  • Poultry Equipments

    Poultry equipments such as Vent Door, Plastic Slat.

  • Poultry Equipments Support

    Designed to complement with suspension system of poultry equipments such as feeding & watering system, winch, etc.

  • High Density Insulated Door

    Insulated with injected polyurethane foam and finished with stainless steel handle.

  • Ridge Vent

    Provide natural attic ventIlation.

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